Erasmus Experience at the Turkish-German University
                       - Interview with TAU Student Florian Gontek -

Florian Gontek ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Erasmus+ being a EU-Programs basically targets the field of education. The Erasmus program allows one hundred and eighty thousand students to take some parts of their university education or do internship abroad every year.
According to researches, abroad experience not only improves students academically, but also contributes them in terms of intercultural equipment, foreign language and personal development. In addition, the overseas experience included in the CV is one of the factors that provide important advantages in the process of finding a job.
TAU Erasmus student F. Gontek talks about the period he spent at the Turkish-German University in an interview with DAAD official Johannes Göbel. While describing TAU as an extraordinary university, Gontek speaks highly of the faculty members he has studied.
You can access the original text and interview video on the DAAD website at the link below: Studio in der Türkei: “Wichtig, dass man offen bleibt”.

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