As a result of the amendment made in subparagraph (g) of Article 60 of the Social Security and General Health Insurance Law numbered 5510 and in Article 34 of the Law No. 6111, the premium expenses of our foreign students who do not have scholarship opportunities must be covered by themselves in order to benefit from the General Health Insurance.

1. You must apply to the Social Security Institution to become a General Health Insurance holder within 3 months after your first registration to the university. You can use the e-signed or signed, stamped document regarding the application in your residence permit application. (You must obtain this document by applying to the Provincial Social Security Directorates.)

2.Private Health Insurance: If you do not apply for General Health Insurance within 3 months from the first registration date, you can get private health insurance.

3. If you obtain an e-signed/signed and sealed/stamped document from the provincial social security units that you benefit from health services in Turkey within the scope of Bilateral Social Security Agreements, you can use this document in your residence permit application.

4. You can also use the e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed provision document you have received from the Social Security Institution in your residence permit application.

Click here to see the announcement made by the Social Security Institution General Directorate of Insurance Premiums about the general health insurance of foreign students.

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