Visa and Resident Permit

Required Information About Residence Permit for Foreign Students
Undergraduate and graduate foreign students newly admitted to the university should receive a study visa from the nearest Turkish embassy in their country, together with their acceptance letter. These visas are generally valid for one month and after their arrival students have to register to the university within this one month. Foreign students who come to Turkey through study visa must apply for a residence permit for study purposes within one month from the date of entry to the country.
The list of unregistered, permitted (freezing registration), dismissed and graduated students is sent to the Provincial Immigration Administration every semester and, if necessary, the residence permit of those students is cancelled. For this reason, students under those circumstances have to apply to the Police Department to leave the country or to obtain a residence permit within a maximum of 15 days after receiving permission, graduating or being dismissed. Otherwise, legal action will be taken.
  The students who has been on leave for less than one year can come to Turkey with a tourist visa and register. However, if the leave period has exceeded one year, they must obtain a student visa again. (Since his residence permit has been cancelled, he cannot enter with it.) The information of foreign students who do not register in due time is reported to the Immigration Administration by the school administration.
Regarding foreign students
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Documents Required for the Residence Permit Application of the Students Enrolling in Our University

! The documents that foreign students must submit completely to the Registrar's Office for Residence Permit are as follows:

1. Residence Permit Application Form Received from E-ikamet: Within the visa or visa exemption period, they must fill out the residence permit application form via the e-İkamet link at . The application form must be printed out and signed by the foreign student.
2. Passport or photocopy of the document that replaces the passport: First of all, you must have a document that replaces the passport with a validity period of sixty days longer than the requested residence permit. (For example, if the requested residence permit period is 01.03.2020, the passport must be valid until 30.04.2020 at least.)
3. Four (4) photographs: The photographs must be taken within the last 6 months, with a white background and biometric.
4. Valid Health Insurance: In order to obtain a residence permit, the foreigner must have health insurance to cover the period of stay.
5. Document Showing Address Information: Regarding address information; The foreigner must present a document regarding the place of residence in our country (rent, dormitory, hostel, etc.) and the address must be clearly understood from this document. The Student Address Petition form submitted by the Provincial Immigration Administration as an Address Statement can be filled.
6. Receipt of payment of residence permit document fee: The document fee is included in the residence permit application form. The amount must be added to the receipt application form by depositing the foreigner to the finance tellers or authorized banks authorized by the Ministry of Finance. (The cost is arranged for every year.)

There are 3 ways to pay the residence permit tax debt.
1 ) You can pay your tax debt through the e-ikamet website. You can print out the payment receipt that you download from the internet (you must have completed the application for the payment button to be active on the e-ikamet website. This button will be active within the 15 days following the completion of the residence permit application form.
2 ) After completing the residence permit application form, you can pay the student residence permit fee by visiting the nearest tax office. Click for contact information of all Istanbul tax offices

In order to pay your tax debt, you must first complete the application. After completing your application, you can pay with your residence permit application number, which is 20**-**-*******.
3) You can pay with the tax code 9207 - RESIDENCE REGULATION BOOK SALES PRICE from the nearest Vakıfbank, Ziraat Bank, Halkbank branches (Don't forget to take your passport, application form and residence card (if any) with you before you go to the branches.

7. If the foreigner is under the age of 18;
• Letter of Consent: The foreigner must bring a letter of consent issued by the competent authorities proving that his parents have given permission to study in Turkey.
• Birth Certificate: This is the document that will be requested from the foreigner if the foreigner's mother and/or father cannot be identified from a valid identity/passport document.
 Delivery Process of Application Documents and What Students Need to Do

1. Foreigners will be informed that they have to submit their residence permit application documents to us within 30 (thirty) days from the date of application indicated in the residence application form which they received via the e-Residence system.
2. If the student's documents are complete, they will be received by the Registrar's Office on signature. If the documents are not complete, they will not be received and they will be informed with the Notification Document.
3. If the foreigners do not submit their documents or missing documents within 30 (thirty) days, the documents will not be received by the university and the relevant foreigner will be directed to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management.
When necessary, the Notification document given to the student during the delivery of the documents can be shown to the relevant authorities until the Residence Permit is received.

          If they are within the requested residence permit period and submit their fee receipts (except for exemption from fees) Foreigners who will leave Turkey for a short period to return without waiting for the residence permit document to be issued, will be able to exit the border gates without paying a residence fee 10 working days after submitting their residence permit documents to the university. If they return within 15 days, they will be able to enter the country without a visa, even if they are citizens of the country subject to a visa.
For application, it is necessary to apply to the Istanbul Provincial Immigration Administration. During the application, please state that you have submitted the Residence Permit Application Documents to the university and that you want a Residence Permit Application Document.

You can get support in your own language regarding any problem you experience from the Immigration Administration call center number 157.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The documents required for the residence permit application must be submitted by the foreigner himself, his legal representative or his lawyer.